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Data Protection Commissioner investigates enforced subject access requests

DATA PROTECTION The Data Protection Commissioner (the “DPC”) has contacted more than 40 of Ireland’s biggest organisations, across a variety of sectors, in order to assess compliance with legislation concerning “Enforced Subject Access Requests”. Organisations were selected at random and include prominent banks, energy suppliers, recruitment companies and major chain stores. The letters sent to…
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Alcohol and tobacco duty fraud

Alcohol and tobacco duty fraud - important developments There have been a number of new developments involving the transportation and retailing of alcohol and tobacco products. Most recently, Simon Ellis and Alex Smith of Hill Dickinson’s commercial litigation team, have succeeded in persuading Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to withdraw assessments and penalty notices against…
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Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fines Barclays for FX controls failings:

FCA fines Barclays for FX controls failings: FCA has levied a record £284,432,000 fine on Barclays Bank PLC (Barclays) for failing to control business practices in its London FX business. FCA said the failing was particularly serious in light of its potential impact on the systemically important spot FX market. The failings occurred in Barclays’ London…
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